The Tech Junkies Episode #4 – WASP Bot

In this episode of The Tech Junkies, Ben and Eric discover a large wasp nest in Ben’s shed. Rather than taking the risk of taking down the nest themselves, The Tech Junkies build a remotely operated robot armed with cans of RAID that drives into the shed and takes the nest down.

The Tech Junkies Episode #3 – WiFi Boosting

In this episode we take a look at WiFi extension methods and put various methods to the test to see how much of a boost you can get from home-made projects.

The Tech Junkies Episode #2 – Lock Hacks & Control Our Junk

In this episode of The Tech Junkies we show various lock hacks including bump keys, lock raking, lock picking, and the masterlock shim. We also give a tour of Control Our Junk and go behind the scenes to show you how it works.

The Tech Junkies Episode #1 – Internet Controlled Airsoft Gun & 110v Speaker

Our first episode features building an Internet controlled airsoft gun and what happens when you plug speakers into a wall outlet.

The Tech Junkies Episode #0 – A Preview

A preview of what’s to come.