Working APN settings for Straight Talk MMS – AT&T SIM Cards

Working Straight Talk AT&T APN Settings:

Go to Android 4 Menu: Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names
Here you should see a list of your APN’s which usually consists of only one. Mine was called Cingular. We want to reset the APN settings to the phone’s default and then edit that one to match the settings below. For reasons why I believe you need to do it this way instead of just adding a new APN please read the details below.

From the APN list:
Press Menu -> Reset to default

Now press the name of the default APN in the list to edit the settings. Set them all to what is below. If you have other options not listed here erase the entry or set them to “Not set”.

Name: Whatever you want. I used “st test”
APN: tfdata
APN type: default,supl,mms
Proxy: Not set
Port: Not set
Username: Not set
Password: Not set
Server: Not set
MMS Proxy:
MMS port: Not set
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
Authentication type: Not set
APN protocol: IPv4
APN roaming protocol: IPv4
APN enable/disable: APN enabled
Bearer: unspecified

Press MENU -> Save

REBOOT the phone.


Here are the APN settings that I found to work for my unlocked Doogee DG100 GSM phone. A lot of people including myself have had trouble getting MMS picture messaging to work on their unlocked GSM phones using an AT&T SIM card on the Straight Talk network. I have seen people having “luck” with it just starting to work on their next billing cycle after trying every possible combination of APN settings they found. I have about a month of service left so I was working on finding a solution before my renewal date. After reading through lots of comments and posts lingering around the internet on this subject I seem to have found a solution. Once I did it this way I was able to send and receive picture messages right away without using any other apps, or having to call straight talk customer service. Hopefully this will help others get their MMS picture messaging to work right away.

I originally tried using the settings above in a new APN that I created and told the phone to use. I was unable to send or receive MMS messages. I would receive a Download link in a text message, but when selected it sat there saying Downloading…for a while, then timed out with an Unable to download message. I finally reset the APN settings back to the default, then went in and erased everything in it. Then I put in the settings above and after a quick reboot I was able to send and receive picture messages in mere seconds. There was a note I saw in a post about making sure you leave the port options blank. Straight Talk recommends using port 80, but it is working on my phone from leaving it blank.

I started with a Sprint number which I ported over to Straight Talk. This seemed to be in common with a lot of people having this MMS problem. I think these settings will work for others too.

Leave a Reply and let me know if these settings worked for you.


6 Comments on “Working APN settings for Straight Talk MMS – AT&T SIM Cards”

  1. tabboud says:

    Didn’t work for me HTC one m7

    • Relle says:

      None of these settings are working for my MotoG. I’ve called Straight Talk and did everything they told me to do. She said it may have to do with the company that provided my phone which was IWireless. I was sure my phone was unlocked but under APN settings my APN Disable/Enable doesn’t let me chose nut has a check by it. Its a MotoG with Android 4.4.3. Does that mean it is locked?

  2. benjaminbarch says:

    Did you use the original APN that came with the phone and erase all the other settings within that APN except for the ones straight talk recommends? You have to make sure you follow it exactly how I wrote the article. Also did you have an original number from Sprint? It seems that for some reason these settings work for people who ported from an originating Sprint number, but not always for other originating numbers. Let us know…

  3. Wayne says:

    Thank you for your suggestion on editing the default APN settings instead of setting up a new profile and for the detailed information of what should be in each field. I’ve been trying to get MMS to work for more than 6 hours, using a variety of settings I found online, and am cautiously optimistic that yours are working. At least I was able to send a pic to myself. Will have to wait until someone sends me a pic. Using a Blu Star 4.0 S410A unlocked phone with number that was ported over from a locked LG Straight Talk phone.

  4. robin says:

    i still cant receive pics, i can send them and my friends receive them but i cant receive pics, just says downloading then says it failed, i did exactly what you said, any sugestings?

  5. Wayne says:

    Update to my July posting. When the above settings didn’t work for me, I went back to the settings provided by Straight Talk and discovered quite by accident that I could send/receive MMS if I turned on data. It absolutely wouldn’t work if I tried using wifi. Hope this helps someone else.