The Tech Junkies Episode #5 – Autonomous GPS R/C Car

In episode #5 of The Tech Junkies, Ben and Eric modify a $15 R/C car from Radio Shack into an autonomous, GPS navigated car. At the end of the episode the car must navigate down multiple roads using only the microcontroller and GPS module.

Mini GPS Autonomous Car for Under $100

First off, if you haven’t watched episode #5 of The Tech Junkies, I’d have to insist you do that now:

Okay, so let’s get onto the details. As seen in the video, we hacked apart a $15 Radioshack R/C car for the purpose of outfitting it with a GPS chip. We ripped out the motor that was being used for steering and replaced it with a low-cost $10 servo. We also cut out the existing electronics so that only the wires coming from the battery and running to the drive motor we’re left. From here we took a breadboard and connected up our H-Bridge drive chip.

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