The Tech Junkies Episode #5 – Autonomous GPS R/C Car

In episode #5 of The Tech Junkies, Ben and Eric modify a $15 R/C car from Radio Shack into an autonomous, GPS navigated car. At the end of the episode the car must navigate down multiple roads using only the microcontroller and GPS module.

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  1. Chiranth Bopanna says:

    am building an autonomous vehicle, which is fitted with a GSM/GPRS Module (SIM-300), which is used to program the co-ordinates of the waypoints to be traversed to, using the serial port. I am using an Arduino Mega to which the GPS Module (G248) is connected to using another serial port. The rest of the code is identical to yours, apart from the Max Servo Left and Max Servo Right angles, which are 140 and 55 respectively, for my car. I have also used an Ultrasonic Sensor (MAXBotix) in order to take care of obstacle avoidance.

    I plan to however implement the same once tested properly, in an Arduino Duemilanove, where I will use the Serial port for the GSM/GPRS Module and a software serial for the GPS Module.

    After comprehensive testing, I have found that the GPS locations that are fed to the car using the GSM/GPRS module, are saved in the controller and accessed for the waypoints correctly. However, once the robot initiates to move, it begins to take a curved path (a circular loop), and remains on this path indefinitely. The circular path taken is sometimes left or right, but remains so until resetted by the user.

    What could possibly be going wrong in the car? Your help is most appreciated

    • Eric Barch says:

      Hi Chiranth,

      About how fast is the robot? If it moves very slow, the GPS module will have trouble calculating a heading. If that’s not the issue, I’d be interested into looking into that particular module a bit more.


    • Jai rana says:

      Hey chiranth,

      are u from coorg??? r u chiraghs brother please mail your reply on [email protected]


  2. anj says:

    Hi, can i ask something. We are creating a navigation system. a gps shield is installed to a vehicle can the data be possible to be sent to a computer by adding an arduino board and a gsm module? i hope you could reply. i know its a bit far from the topic. i’m sorry. thanks in advance for the info.

  3. Ryan says:

    HI guys .. Where can I find the codes